Planning for Every Eventuality

Before planning your party, silly as it seems, it’s wise to check for any possible events that could clash. Weddings of course being something different but still check that England aren’t going to be in the final of some major trophy (not that England ever reach the final of any major event).  As the gentlemen at your event will be itching to see the game.  (which we can arrange if needed).

Are you expecting to have some part of your event outside? with any experienced supplier they will happily share any planning issues with you preparing you for every eventuality ultimately you want none of the out of the box things to happen but it’s good to know you have a plan for them if they do.

I remember on one occasion at a big Black Tie Charity Ball in a marquee in Berkshire the on-site generator broke down for a second or two it looked like the event was in a mess luckily the caterer had with consultation with the client placed candles as table centre decorations so the room took on a new and amazing new light my Band and I were able to entertain with  acoustic instruments and vocals and for the next 10 minutes the party continued in full swing until the electric power was returned.

With friendly professional suppliers who have experienced all (or most of all) the situations that can occur you’ll be pleased that you don’t have anything to panic about.